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What Is A Product Launch Email?

January 16th, 2021

A product launch email details what you have to offer, and ideally gives a lot of reasons for your customers to purchase then and there – great descriptions, limited time offers and an enticing “click through” button.

Do you have a new product to offer? That’s exciting! If you communicate in the right way, your customers will be just as excited to hear about it. A launch email lets your contacts know that you have something new to offer, and gives them the opportunity to click through and see what all the fuss is about.

Here are some tips for writing a great product launch email.

What is a product launch email?
When you’ve worked hard to create or source a new product, you don’t want to let the opportunity to engage with customers pass you by. It’s a great reason to send an email, which puts your brand in their inbox and hopefully inspires them to click through.

A product launch email details what you have to offer, and ideally gives a lot of reasons for your customers to purchase then and there – great descriptions, limited time offers and an enticing “click through” button.

Product launch email subject lines
The best product launch email has a great subject line. The purpose of a subject line to to grab attention from a reader so they will move onto reading the first line of the email.

Subject lines work very hard in a noisy world to get attention and that’s why you should spend most of your time on creating a great product email subject line.

Types of product launch template
The hint. Before the main event, you might want to get customers interested. A great technique for making sure your product launch email is anticipated and therefore more likely to be opened. By sending a hint that you have a new product ready to launch, you’re preparing the way for an even better reception.

The incentive. Whether you send it with the hint or with the main product launch email, including an incentive brings the customers who are subscribed to your mailing list into a privileged circle with added benefits. An incentive might be exclusive access to the new product, a discount, or the chance to win a reward.

The launch. Finally it’s time for you to send the big reveal! You’ll want to craft an email that hooks people in, gives them enough information to lead them to your website, and could include an extra incentive to purchase once they’re there.

The benefits of an email launch
There are plenty of ways that an email can help your business.

Information. A product launch email gets the word out, letting people know what you have to offer. It can also create an impression for your business of having interesting variety of products they can purchase.

Actionable advertising. Your email will have all the relevant information about the new release in one place, plus a way for people to click through to find out more or purchase. A successful marketing campaign will include different kinds of advertising, but emails are the best format to offer start-to-finish customer enticement, from the initial ad through to online purchasing on the same device.

Re-engagement. Maybe it’s been a while since someone has made a purchase. A new launch is a great way to get them re-excited about your brand.

Convert people who are “on the fence”. You know your product is amazing, but others don’t yet. While it’s still new and fresh, you have the opportunity to entice people who have seen your brand but haven’t yet made the jump to purchase from you.

New product launch announcement email
Put some bang into your email when launching your product. Stand out, be remembered like this one:

Crafting your email

One of the most important parts of any email is the subject line. You’re going to need it to be short and snappy, with a great hook that inspires people to click. Pay attention to how many characters most email servers display – there’s not much point writing a long description that ends up being cut off half way.

For the body of the email, you’ll need to put your descriptive genius together with your brand image to offer enough information to get people to click through. If your brand’s tone is steady and reliable, it’s probably not going to suit if you include pop references and joke headlines.

Make sure that you include some bold images of your product, as well as an enticing description that inspires people to click through. Your format and colour palette should stay in-brand as well, as much as possible.

Even more than the text and images, you need to pay special attention to another very important part of your launch email – the “call to action” link that takes the customer straight through to your website where they can make their purchase.

Finally, as enticing as your product launch email may be, you can give it more pull by creating a sense of urgency or rarity. You might include a “limited time only” price, a discount for the first lot of purchases, or a voucher that will expire within a certain time frame.

Best email – launching your product properly
With all the time and effort you put in to developing or sourcing a new product, it’s important to ensure that you make the most of its debut.

Create anticipation ahead of time with some emails hinting at your new product, or a sneak peek that gives a sense of drama and excitement. Your launch should have a solid hook in the subject line, great images and descriptions, and a prominent click-through button. Sweeten the deal with some limited time offers that entice customers to buy now.

Your launch email should be interesting, on-brand, and inspire action. Make the most of your new product by ensuring that the launch gets to as many customers as possible, and leads people to make purchases.

Generate leads, re-engage past customers, and makes sales, by putting time and effort into crafting an effective product launch email.

Product launch email campaign
An email campaign consists of a number of emails to successfully launch your product, build a relationship with a potential customer and finally convert into sale.

While there is no set guide line a product launch email campaign is usually around 5 emails in a sequence but could be up to 15 emails.

A product launch email with a great subject line is a great way to expose your product to the market. A new product launch email can instantly give your product momentum especially if crafted using a new product launch template as outlined above.

The best email gives a hint about the product’ enough for a reader wanting to know more. Followed up by an incentive to act now, your product is ready for launch.

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